Livng Without Labels

Jesyka is a fashion model, attorney, avid traveler and human rights advocate based in Los Angeles, California.  Most recently, she's also an expectant Mom! As a lover of life growing up in the “slash generation,” Jesyka epitomizes the idea that you can “do it all and do it well” and she thrives on mentoring young women around the world to live the same. Jesyka has developed a following by providing not only genuine, high quality content with a purpose but also in leading by example. She received a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations and Communication from the University of Southern California and a J.D. from Columbia Law School in New York City. Along with her recognized leadership roles at USC, Jesyka was honored as a Renaissance Scholar, which is why she calls herself a Renaissance Woman. After college, Jesyka worked for the U.S. Department of State and Commerce in Washington D.C., where she learned a lot about international affairs and human rights advocacy. Finally, she got her law degree from Columbia Law School in New York City to further her career as a Human Rights Advocate. After landing a full time job at a prominent law firm in Los Angeles and juggling her work with her passion for fashion and dance, Jesyka’s life mantra became “breaking out of boxes and leaving your labels behind.” As a result, she has connected with and brought together all different types of people from around the world. Her background enables Jesyka to not only to know how to create beautiful looks on camera, but also on how to educate her audience about the powers of perseverance, how to develop confidence and achieve your highest-self. Her platform and vision grew out of encouraging women to embrace their natural talents, natural beauty, how to live healthy and embrace their fullest potential. Welcome to Limitless Life by Jes!




Jesyka deepest passion has always been human rights advocoacy. She's lived in six different countries and traveled to more than 30 countries working on sustainability projects for disadvantaged communities. Following the belief that “to whom much is given, much is expected” Jesyka worked as a legal resources aid in South Africa helping the distressed townships, advocating for land reform and women’s rights. She also worked in Geneva, Switzerland on the International Organization for Migration on a project for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and worked in Hong Kong, China for the California Office of Trade and Investment. In New York City, Washington, DC and Los Angeles, she regularly volunteers for the Disabled American Veterans Association, homeless shelters and refugee organizations. In her spare time, jesyka is a pro bono attorney for domestic violence victims, victims of housing fraud and other special cases with Public Counsel and involved with Shelter Partnership, Inc. which actively addresses causes of homelessness and provides assistance in Los Angeles County. Through the Limitless Life platform, Jesyka will continue to help others by partnering with local organizations and hosting public awareness events that raise money for these causes.


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Jesyka’s passion for instilling confidence in women derives from her own insecurities which she struggled with in her past. Born of mixed race ethnicity in an interracial family, Jesyka grew up feeling as though she didn’t “fit” into any box: racially or aesthetically. This was reflected in her real life as well as the lack of diversity in the fashion industry. It wasn’t until college when Jesyka found herself in an accepting and diverse environment that she was encouraged to love every aspect of herself, especially her big curly hair. This was challenging, given her uncertainties growing up because her hair wasn’t glamorized in society. However, Jesyka realized her hair was a vital part of her identity and that she should embrace it rather than run away from it. She hopes that women of all ages, races and walks of life will be encouraged to love themselves for who they are! Now that the fashion industry has opened up to a diversity of body types, hair types and skin types, Jesyka is a mentor and unofficial agent for younger models. She strives to give young models access to the information she’s gleaned from her own career and mistakes. Jesyka has walked the runway in New York Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week and been featured in print magazines and campaigns for prominent designers such as Walter Mendez, Stello, Adoflo Sanchez, Marcelo Pendola, Clutch Crowns, Sophie Chang, Rocky Gathercole, Dena Burton and many more. She has also been featured in commercial advertisements for Nike, Swim Spot, Allure Bridal, and Elle. Jesyka is still a brand ambassador and model for new designers and fashion blogs. To contact Jesyka for a brand collaboration email: