The hardest secret I've ever had to keep is finally out! Josh and I are pregnant! I have read that it's normal for first-time-moms to not show until later in the pregnancy, but I was still relieved when my baby bump finally popped out at 19 Weeks. We did a quick photoshoot at home with our friend Nishelle Walker and I'm thrilled with all the images. It was so much fun shooting with Nishelle and in the comfort of our home, (something Josh and I rarely get to do). More importantly, we were overwhelmed by how many people reached out to share their love and support for our new family once we announced. I had no idea so many of my friends were pregnant too, and just a few weeks away from me!  I feel much less lonely knowing that I'm part of a community of Moms-to-be who are going through the same process. It's been such a blessing all around and we're SO EXCITED to share this journey together.

My fashion career is changing too now that I am eligible for maternity jobs. For the moment I'll be posting a lot about pregnancy products and maternity fashion, but also keeping up with travel and volunteer service projects. Thank You for reading and stay tuned for the gender announcement coming soon!