Millennial Mamas Visit DP Hue


Apple Cider Vinegar for all your skin and hair conditions is the new coconut oil.

Bring new life back to your hair with Apple Cider Vinegar hair products!

But not everyone knows how to use ACV in a way that maximizes the benefits, especially when it comes to hair. Thankfully, DP Hue has perfected the recipe for ACV! Eukiah and I spent the day with the Millennial Mamas being pampered at the fabulous DP Hue House in Beverly Hills. We got scalp rinses, hair masques and blowouts (I got a “curl out”). I had no idea Apple Cider Vinegar hair products were so good for my hair! Even as a curly girl, my hair has never felt more fresh at the root and shiny on the outside. I love my ACV Scalp Scrub, ACV Hair Rinse, and ACV Hair Masque.


  • Shampoo and condition substitute to keep you washing down to 1x/wk

  • Removes build-up from products and environmental pollution

  • Seals your hair cuticles in after washing to leave your hair super silky and smooth

  • 100% Color-Safe

  • The Quality of ACV does make a difference!

DP Hue Apple cider vinegar scalp scrub in a tub, hair rinse in a squeeze bottle and hair masque in a tub against a white background