ILADO Mayan Harmony Ball

mom-to-be wearing a bola u-shaped harmony ball
Ilado Mayan Harmony Ball - U Design
pregnant mother wearing the Ilado Mayan Harmony Ball on her belly

Playing games with baby in the womb has become one of my favorite pastimes. Now that he can hear sounds more clearly I love singing to him and tapping on my tummy to see if he will respond. When I heard about the Ilado Harmony Ball or “Bola,” I couldn’t wait to try one out!

Soothe Your Baby with the Ilado Mayan Harmony Ball

These beautiful and unique looking pendant necklaces hang right over your baby bump. Every time it taps your belly the ball makes a gentle, crystalline chiming sound. As part of an ancient Mayan tradition of maternity necklaces, the bola ball legend says that this chime will call a guardian angel to watch over the expectant mother and her baby. After birth, the newborn should be soothed by the familiar wind chime sound. How incredible is that?

Unique Statement Piece

When I wear the necklace my baby will softly tap the part of my belly where the ball lands, and if he’s been kicking a lot it tends to put him back to sleep. The bola’s harmonious chime is so soothing I love hearing it too! And aesthetically it’s a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Mine is simply called the “U”  and it draws a lot of questions from people because it’s clearly a statement piece and accentuates the baby bump - a design that could only come from Paris. All of the pendants are made from 18 carat pink gold, gold or silver plated brass with adjustable chains. 

Perfect Gift for Moms-To-Be!

This is a  perfect gift for moms-to-be and her baby! Check out all of Ilado’s Bola balls here! 

I'm also honored to be an ILADO Ambassador. You can read more about my pregnancy interview with ILADO on their blog: