pregnant woman holding AB to Jay-Z childrens book
AB to Jay-z and 123 With The Notorious B.I.G - The Little Homie Series

Hip-Hop isn’t just a music genre to me, it’s part of my culture. I’ve been a Hip-Hop dancer my entire life - it was the first style I learned. We followed the stories of the all-stars through the songs and the media like it was Game of Thrones. It influences our language and culture to this day.

ABCs for the next generation of Hip-Hop Enthusiasts

When I heard about the Little Homie’s children’s books “for the next generation of Hip-Hop enthusiasts” I was so happy I had to grab the mic and put them on blast.

The Little Homie is such a CLEVER company and makes reading fun for parents like me. I know the likelihood of my son loving “my music” is low (most kids aren’t into their parents’ music), but I can at least teach him how to count with 2pac and Biggie! I’ve already started reading to him in the womb with dreams of him someday asking me to teach him how to 6-step.

Teach your child The Realest Alphabet with The Little Homie

They’ve only got 2 books out that are flying off the shelves and some cute alphabet charts. Like the Little Homie says: “There will always be an abundance of books to teach our kids about balls, cats and apples. But who’s going to teach them The Realest Alphabet?

Keep your kid’s alphabet game strong - check out The Little Homie: https://thelittlehomie.com/