MomDotMe Stonyfield 6 Month Birthday Bash

four moms posing in front of Stoneyfield logo

This past week a friend from my Mom Tribe invited me to attend the Stonyfield birthday celebration hosted by MomDotMe at the London in West Hollywood.

Stoneyfield Birthday Bash Event

Dr. Tanya Altmann, renowned pediatrician and best-selling parenting book author, mediated a Q&A about starting your baby on solids and I got to meet a bunch of sweet, funny and inspiring Super Moms and their little ones. The farm themed event was a total playtime heaven for the kids: complete with a ball pit, farm animal bath toys, yo baby puree and Stonyfield yogurt stations and the biggest hit was drum circle with Chudney Ross. For the Moms, they had a delicious breakfast buffet and beautiful watercolor calligraphy by Amy Tangerine.

Real Moms, Real Life

For me, the best part about these events is getting to know real moms in real life and hearing all of the powerful stories that they openly share. Everyone is welcoming, honest and incredibly inspiring! All of these Moms have somehow managed to maintain a healthy balance of work, social and family life, all the while still putting their kids first. They have a wealth of information and resources that they readily share and I feel empowered knowing that when it’s my turn to manage the unexpected, I know where to go for answers and support.

I’m so grateful to be invited to events like these and cannot wait for my own little one to enjoy all the fun too!

Farm animal adoption booth at Stoneyfield Birthday Bash
a group of small children playing a large drum