SweetPea 4D Baby Ultrasound

man and pregnant woman at Sweet Pea 4D Baby to Be Imaging
sweet pea 4D imaging keepsakes - a shirt, usb thumbdrive, framed ultrasound and onsie
two woman at Sweet Pea 4d baby ultrasound

Sweet Pea 4D Baby to Be Imaging was nothing short of a magical experience for me as a first time mommy-to-be.

A 4D Baby Ultrasound Experience That’s Fun!

The Sweet Pea experience is so much better than going into a cold office building for an ultrasound. They truly think of every detail to make the ultrasound comfortable, fun and memorable. When you enter through the bright, beautiful storefront, the entrance is actually a boutique that carries luxurious baby clothes and keepsakes.

The staff are genuinely and excited to see your baby and the ultrasound technician is so gentle and sweet! Inside the cutely decorated ultrasound room they have couches and snacks for your guests as well as pillows to make you comfortable while laying down. I went with my best friend and pregnant pal, Melissa, and we made an afternoon of the experience.

With The Sweet Pea 4D Baby to Be Imaging you recieve PRICELESS Keepsakes

During the ultrasound, there are several large TV screens for viewing and they record the entire ultrasound on a USB for you to take home and watch later. The best surprise of all is that during the 4D imaging part, my baby boy actually SMILED!

Everyone in the room screamed with excitement and it was all recorded. It really doesn’t get better than that. It was surreal to see him moving in slow motion and watch his little kicks as I simultaneously felt him in my tummy. AND if that isn’t enough to blow you away, they record your baby’s heartbeat for you to put in a stuffed animal keepsake! (See post on My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear).

The Sweet Pea Makes Sure You Get the Most Out of Your Experience

After the big reveal, baby boy got shy and put his hands and feet near his face so we couldn’t get a clear frontal image. Sweet Pea rescheduled a complimentary appointment to come back and try again, so I’m hoping he will be more cooperative next time. Josh will be there, so maybe he will smile for Dad :)

At the end they gave me a ton of photos, video, a cute onesie and a photo frame for baby’s big moment. We also stopped to shop in the boutique where I bought a soft little elephant security blanket. I walked out of Sweet Pea spoiled, full of photos and keepsakes, and glowing from ear-to-ear.

Truly a Once in a Lifetime Experience

This was honestly a once in a lifetime experience that I will treasure forever. I’m so grateful to Sweet Pea for going above and beyond and I cannot wait to bring back my son once he’s born! Visit Sweet Pea 4D Baby's website here: http://sweetpea4dbaby.com you can also find them on Instagram: @Sweetpea4dbaby