Béaba Big Flopsy Pillow

woman sleeping with a grey Flopsy pillow
woman drinking coffee while lounging on Big Flopsy Maternity and Nursing pillow

Even before pregnancy, I slept with pillows in-between my knees and arms for support.

Preganancy Equals Fortress of Pillows

But once I got into my second trimester I started to build a fortress of pillows around me. It was ridiculous! I felt uncomfortable sleeping on my side, and trying to maneuver or turn over at night was an impossible feat with 6-7 moving parts.

Béaba has the answer - the Flopsy Pillow!

Enter the Béaba Big Flopsy Maternity and Nursing Pillow! Even the name sounds so inviting you want to just cuddle it. The first night with my Big Flopsy I slept better than I’ve slept  probably in years.

It’s ultra soft, easy to wash, and easy to mold into your ideal sleeping position with back support. And unlike other nursing pillows I tried out, the Big Flopsy doesn't deflate or lose it's shape. It also turns into a nursing pillow after pregnancy but I’ll still be using this long after baby has grown out of breastfeeding!

Find the Béaba Big Flopsy and all the other fantastic Béaba products Here!