three adults in yellow ball pit at We Are Happy Place
two women in a sparkly silver room
man eating rainbow grilled cheese
unicorn sunday in We are Happy Place cup

When I got pregnant I started paying close attention to what I put in my body, on my body, all my physical activity and especially my mental-emotional state of mind.

Find Your Balance

Despite everyone's warnings that pregnancy would make me hyper-emotional, I was determined to try and maintain a rational balance - at least within my own thoughts and the energies that I surrounded myself with. I already have a healthy practice of mediating in the mornings and evenings, sending love and light to myself and everyone I encounter.

Banish Toxicity

Once I accepted the responsibility of protecting this little baby, I also developed a zero-tolerance rule for toxic people, negative conversations and nonconstructive self-talk. This practice proved to be beneficial for my life in general, not just during pregnancy!

Find Your Happy Place and Choose It Everyday

For me, feeling joyful and happy isn't just a state of being: it is a choice that I make every moment of the day to live in gratitude. It is a core tenant of my faith. And what better way to celebrate happiness than visiting a bright, fun, pop-up experience dedicated to finding your happy place

We Are Happy Place Brings Out The Child In You

WE ARE HAPPY PLACE at L.A. LIVE in downtown Los Angeles is founded on this principle of happiness.  I love how every detail throughout the rooms is meant to surround you with sensory experiences that make you feel childlike joy and surprise.

Everything is interactive, they encourage photography and hand you little treats (like cake pops!) along the way. Highlights feature a confetti room, a jumping ball pit, rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches and unicorn Sundays. It can be difficult in our adult world to access our inner child and just play. My friends and I had such a blast letting go of our adult-selves for just a few hours and finding our inner happy place. =D

woman sitting on lips couch with in a white heart at We Are Happy Place
two men and one woman in square silver sparkly room