JORD Watches: Nature Family Tradition (And Giveaway!)

woman wearing a Cora Koa & Rose JORD watch
Cora Koa and Rose woman’s JORD Watch in cedar humidor
men’s Ebony and Iron Hyde JORD Watch
woman’s cora koa and rose JORD Watch

Having lived in big cities for most of my life, I find myself being drawn towards the “slow living” lifestyle more and more.

Nature and Family Traditions

I like to grow my own produce, knit in my downtime and chose not to have a TV in the house. Josh’s lifestyle is also complimentary: he builds all our furniture for fun and our favorite pastime is taking nature hikes outside of LA. In alignment with this, I am enjoying wearing a watch again because I’m also trying to minimize the amount of time I spend on my phone.  It is no wonder, then, that JORD Watches appeals to all of my aesthetic tastes.

The Beauty of JORD Watches

JORD Watches are handcrafted from natural, untreated woods – Maple, Bamboo, Koa, Zebrawood and Sandalwood to name a few – which is already uniquely awesome. And even though they are a new company, they’ve already earned a strong following of nature enthusiasts like Josh and I. JORD Watch fans share photos of their watches in some of the most beautiful, natural scenery around the world. But don’t be fooled, these watches are just as modern and sophisticated as they are earthy. The face is made of scratch-proof sapphire glass, the clasp is stainless steel, and my favorite feature is the back of the watch that shows the automatic movements of the skeleton. I love the contrast between the materials because it mirrors my lifestyle – natural and metropolitan all in one.

More than just a watch

These watches also have a lot of personal meaning for me, because Josh and I decided to name our son after our favorite tree, the eucalyptus. Our family bond is based in our love of nature and I wanted us to both have something that represented that. I wear the Koa & Rose watch from the Cora series that I got for Mother’s Day and I bought Josh the Ebony and Iron Hyde series watch for Father’s Day.

Where to purchase JORD Watches:

  • You can buy JORD Watches here: If you’re like me, I like seeing the inner workings of the watch, so I opted not to get the back plate engraved, but I love this personal touch that people add to their JORD Watch gifts! Also, you can engrave the box with a personal message instead.

  • JORD Watches is having a GIVEAWAY CONTEST! You don’t have to do a follow-loop or tag any friends. And even if you don’t win you will get a 10% off discount code. Enter the contest here: . Contest closes on July 8 at 11:59 PM.