CoSleeping with DockATot

Mother cosleeping next to her baby sleeping in the dockatot.
Baby sleeping in the docatot with the play attachments
baby sleeping on dockatot without attachments
mother looking at baby sleeping on dockatot

During my pregnancy we took all the infant safety classes and read all the books.

Just when you think you are 100% prepared….

When Eukiah was born, I thought I was completely prepared – swivel bassinet, crib, pack n’ play and rockers all set up. Sleeping safely should be a breeze, right? Wrong. The first thing I learned about being a new mom is how impossibly difficult it is to cosleep safely. I get sleepy when I’m breastfeeding and all I want to do is cuddle with my sleeping baby boy on my chest.

He will sleep in the bassinet for a few hours and swaddling only worked for the first week. And when we are downstairs he won’t sleep in the crib at all. Out of sleep-deprived desperation, I’ve tried napping with him curled up in my arm with pillow props protecting him while Josh or my Mom watches over us. Still, I wake up every few minutes from the anxiety and guilt. “This is not sustainable” I thought.

Get piece-of-mind with cosleeping with DockATot

Finally, I started seeing images float around of these beautiful sleeping babies that seemed to be nestled into a safety raft of sorts. This safe co-sleeper is the DockATot. The DockATot is a multi-functional lounger, co-sleeper and playtime lounger that we now bring with us everywhere. Eukiah loves to roll onto his side as a preferred sleeping position and because the DockATot is snug, it helps keep him on his back (although it’s designed to be safe in all sleep positions). Another bonus I discovered is that the soft lounger also helps with his startle reflex that wakes him up. (Since it’s been extra hot in LA this summer, we haven’t been able to swaddle him). Most importantly, the bumpers are high and firm enough so that I can’t roll over onto him in the bed. WINNING!

Get much needed sleep and downtime

Now I actually get sleep during naptime knowing that Eukiah is safe and I’m nearby enough that he can feel close (and I can listen to him breathe). The DockATot is lightweight enough that I can carry it around the house and conveniently set it down in almost any room for him. And my favorite addition is the Toy Arch with the Fuzzy Pals, which is an attachable mobile. When Eukiah does wake up from a nap by himself it keeps him occupied a little longer.

Where to buy the DockATot Co-Sleeper

Go to the DocATot website for to see the entire array of different fabrics and colors: I have the Delux DockATot in “Block Party” with the Toy Arch.

Note: The DockATot Deluxe is designed for babies 0 to 8 months. The larger Grand size is good for 9- to 36-month-olds

Deluxe Dockatot in block party print - teal, light grey, dark grey and white shapes