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I've always been a big proponent of the Montessori Schools and education philosophy.

The Best Comprehensive Developmental Program

When I learned that Montessori started the Monti Kids program I was ecstatic!  Monti Kids is the best comprehensive developmental program for infants and toddlers to use at home, based on proven Montessori methods.

Since 85% of the brain is formed by age three, Monti Kids provide parents access to the world-renowned Montessori program through toys and guides on how to play in ways that encourage cognitive, physical, linguistic, social, and emotional development.

Monti Kids Program is designed to grow with children

While these toys are introduced over a three month period, children will continue to enjoy and learn from them for several months or years beyond that. They are designed to grow with children, presenting new challenges as they develop.

I set up the first toy, the Munari Mobile, for Eukiah in his first week. He responded immediately to the black and white shapes slowly rotating overhead. It's fascinating to see his brain development this early on! The demo video guides explain the science behind each toy and what your child is learning so I didn't feel lost.

Each level in the Monti Kids program includes:

  • Montessori materials designed to optimize development by providing just enough challenge, without being over stimulating

  • Demo videos of each material with instructions on the best way to introduce, play, and maximize its benefits

  • Toy Guides describing the educational principles and latest research about the skills children develop by using the materials

  • Expert guidance on setting up a play space and playing the Montessori way

  • Montessori Parenting Series explains how to apply Montessori theory at home

To learn more about how the program works and watch demo videos, visit and use my Affiliate Code: JESYKA for $30. off your first purchase!