baby boy on a white boppy pillow in front of GreaterSkies Star Map
baby boy on white cloud rug in a blue and white star outfit next to a GreaterSkies Star Map poster

Snapshot of the Universe

When Eukiah was born my entire universe changed in an instant.  Throughout the world, a baby's birth is celebrated via many different spiritual and cultural rituals and in my family we followed the tradition of mapping out little E's astrological chart. We had fun speculating about the possibilities for this new life to come, all based on a "snapshot of the universe" at the moment he was born. Thanks to GreaterSkies, we were able to memorialize that moment with a stunning custom star chart print!

GreaterSkies Personalized Custom Star Map

Created by an R&D Engineer, GreaterSkies prints high definition maps of the night sky at an exact date, location and time. Not limited to just a photo or a chart, the maps include the star names, constellations and planets, all computed using NASA quality resources. The difference between GreaterSkies and other fun sky maps is that these custom star maps have the highest level of accuracy in detail.

A Unique Keepsake

The maps show 7,000 to 8,000 stars, the constellations and the Solar System planets! More than that, the stars are printed in a way that you can see more stars than were visible to the naked eye, and they are printed in the actual color of the star - rather than just random white dots. Every map has a customized caption, message and color as well.

I cannot think of a more special and unique way to capture such a transformative moment! We LOVE our beautiful Night Sky Star Map honoring our own most precious Star.

How You Can Get Your Own Personalized Star Map

You can buy your GreaterSkies Custom Star Map here: and use my Code JESYKA15 for 15% Off any product! My Map is the Night Sky print that you can find here as well: The ordering process is easy and the customer service team is EXCELLENT.

*Interesting fact: Since time immemorial, star charts have been used for navigation. The oldest known star charts were discovered on prehistorical carved artifacts and cave wall drawings and are dated from about 30,000 years ago!