Being Organized in Life and Spirit


Being organized is more than just a place for everything and everything in its place. It's more than finding places for all of our stuff. Being organized is about finding peace and balance in all things in your life and your spirit. I've believed that for my entire life, even when I was too young to put it into words.


I've always been a very organized person. Whether in school or at home, I've tended to be tidy. That's probably part of what's lead me to accomplish the goals I've set out to achieve. In fact, many of you may not know that I'm a professional organizer with my own company, Organizeal. With the massive success of Mari Kondo and her KonMari method, I was inspired to share a little bit of my own organizational story and why I love her method.

Being Organized is a Way of Life

Since childhood, I've been very into keeping things neat. At first, it was just my childish nature and being drawn to the orderliness of it all. However, as I got older, I began to realize that being organized on the outside led to being organized on the inside. I've come to believe that our outer spaces are a manifestation of our inner space - our hearts and minds.

When we live in clutter, our energy and spirit are often cluttered too. But the same can be said of living in an organized environment - organized space, organized spirit and lightened energy! The great thing about being organized is that we can use our outer space to actually our inner space. By transforming the space around us - organizing, purging, and ordering the world around us - we can actually bring that peace that comes to our outer space into our hearts and minds, leading to a sense of peace that works from the outside in.

That's why I love the KonMari method. It perfectly illustrates what I've always believed. In fact, I have actually been practicing a modified version of the method that I developed (before her book was published). The method worked for me and my clients in a way that helps us take back control of our lives and create spaces - and thus, spirits - that are full of peace and tranquility.


Commit to What is Manageable

Being organized can seem like a daunting undertaking, especially if you Have spaces filled with clutter. Don't be discouraged though! Do one thing at a time if you can’t tackle it all at once: clean one drawer, let go of one article of clothing you don’t wear anymore, or dedicate 1 hour to organizing your room. And if you need help I recommend Mari’s Bestselling Book: The Magical Art of Tidying Up, for inspiration! I have seen so many clients achieve a peace they never knew they could have just by getting their outer space situated in a way that allowed their inner space to thrive. There really is no greater feeling!