Yumi Baby Food - Gourmet Goodness for Baby

Baby holding a Yumi Baby Food container in mom’s lap

Eukiah is eating solids! Starting at 4 months, this kid was ready to EAT. We didn’t have to coax him at all. Thus began my search for healthy, organic, REAL baby food. I found an awesome company that shares my nerdiness about the science of healthy babies called Yumi!

Baby’s microbiome is highly impressionable once solids are introduced, so feeding them foods with a diversity of healthy bacteria does wonders for the gut and sets a strong nutritional foundation for life! Food shapes not only your baby’s taste preferences, but also their bodies and minds.

Yumi Baby Food Believes in Real

For many years, I've been on a constant search to find all-natural products for everything in my life. It's better for us and better for the environment when we shop all-natural, eco-friendly products. For me, that started with my groceries. I scoured the stores for organic fruits, veggies, dairy products, and meats, all-natural and cruelty-free always winning the day. From there, I moved to my beauty products, then to household cleaners. I even started buying organic clothing - which I had no idea was a thing.

I have a baby cooker and make food from scratch when I can, but let’s be real - it’s a tall order for us Moms to make the ALL the baby food in addition to everything else! It was an ambitious goal, but I quickly started supplementing with pre-made baby food.

I knew I wanted to find great food for my baby that lined up with my philosophy on pretty much everything in life. That's when I discovered Yumi baby food. They believe in keeping their food real - and really good.

Tasty and Healthy is the Yumi Baby Food Motto

Yumi baby food keeps it real, healthy, and tasty. Founded by Evelyn Rusli, a former journalist at the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, and Angela Sutherland, Yumi came about after Sutherland got pregnant. Like many expecting moms, Sutherland began to think about she should be eating while pregnant, and what her baby would be eating down the road with first solid foods. Together with Rusli, Sutherland set out to create a product built around babies’ first 1000 days, starting with conception, which pediatricians and children’s nutrition experts deem as critically important.

“We not only use all organic, fresh ingredients, but we collaborate with a team of doctors, nutritionists, local farmers and chefs to develop the most nutrient dense purees on the market, tailored to your babe's age and developmental needs. This means we are looking at the common nutritional deficiencies within each month and purposefully selecting ingredients that are rich in the exact vitamins and minerals your babe needs. We also use Modified Atmospheric Packaging to make sure our fresh fruits and veggies maintain their nutritional value whereas most big brands use heat and dangerous preservatives that destroy the nutritional content of the ingredients.”

Mother and happy baby sitting at a table with Yumi Baby Food containers

Yumi Baby Food is Nutrient Dense and Filled with Goodness

For example, Mushroom Polenta Bolognese from Yumi baby food is actually exactly what it says in the name. It's a nutrient dense baby food that has all the flavor of grownup food and all the health benefits. It's filled with the goodness of mushrooms, carrots, tomato, onion, and in place of parmesan cheese, nutritional yeast. It's just one example of the kind of baby superfoods this company offers moms.

Eukiah loves most of the flavors right away. Others flavors take some warming up to - which is part of the process! It’s a food adventure for both of us! For me, I appreciate all the fun science info and tips Yumi includes in the informational packages. (#nerdymom). And most importantly, I appreciate the nutrient-dense food that I didn’t have to cook myself.

Find Yumi here! And let me know what you think!