Christy Dawn Fashion Feature

Jesyka modeling a navy blue patterned Christy Dawn dress

A little known fact about me is that I have a very strict wardrobe capsule. Yes, even as a fashion model and blogger, I keep a very limited selection of clothing and shoes in my closet rotation, and I don’t really shop. (Gasp!). I started modeling when I was 13-years-old and after a career lifetime in the industry, I can honestly say that fashion is one of the most mercurial elements of the human experience. More importantly, if you haven’t seen “The True Cost” documentary, I recommend adding it to the top of your Netflix queue right now. It devastated me to learn the far reaching and catastrophic impact of “fast fashion” in our world - especially since I had been such a major contributor my entire life. Thus began my search for truly sustainable fashion: clothing that endures through the fickle phases of trends and multiple washes. When I add something to my capsule, it means something.

Every Christy Dawn Dress Has a Story

In my search for earth and people-friendly clothing, I found CHRISTY DAWN. Christy Dawn is the real deal - and so are her dresses. Every dress has a story and a meaning, which you can follow on her website. All of her drresses are made entirely from Deadstock: the residual fabrics left over from major fashion houses. Normally, manufacturers buy 10% extra fabric per collection that quickly ends up on the design floor - so if a brand has more than three-dozen styles in a collection, it adds up fast (some estimate more than 40 billion square meters of leftover textiles worldwide each year).

Young woman walking on a boardwalk by the ocean in a blue patterned dress

Timeless Dresses, Great Message

If that’s not enough, Christy Dawn is also a shining example of accountability and progress when it comes to valuing the people who make our clothing: seamstressses. Sadly, slave labor is notorious in the garment industry but NOT at Christy Dawn’s factory in Downtown LA. All of the seamstresses are paid competitive wages and great benefits - and they are treated like family.

Beyond making a dent in the landfill and standing up against slave labor , the dresses themselves are timeless - stunningly beautiful gowns that I drool over. She has a vintage touch and the dresses are made to flatter the physique. As soon as I opened my decorated wooden “Christy Dawn” box and touched the fabric, I gasped “QUALITY.” This is fashion I can feel good about on the inside and outside. My Christy Dawn dresses will, no doubt, be permanent residents in my wardrobe capsule.