Upgrading to UPPAbaby VISTA


To be honest, I hated our first stroller. There are so many different stroller “systems” out there that even though I did my research and had the benefit of in-person demonstrations, none of it made any sense to me before I had a baby. It was the most overwhelming product decision I made.

In the end, I went with what seemed the most functional. My thought was, “just get a starter-stroller until you have a better understanding of what you need.” Indeed, once Eukiah came and I was jettisoned into the world of momdom I had a much better grasp of what the stroller business was all about. After flying across the country multiple times, talking to other Moms in my industry, and having real-life experience with a little one, the decision to upgrade to UPPAbaby VISTA was a nobrainer.

UPPAbaby VISTA is Winning All Around


I’ve often heard people compare strollers to cars - which makes sense because it is the vehicle you use most frequently to shuttle your littles around in. Thus, my hunt for a new stroller focused on three factors: travel functionality and durability, personal style and mom-to-mom references. In every category, the UPPAbaby VISTA stood out again and again, so much so that it was kind of ridiculous.

Traveling for me is second nature and having a baby did not slow me down. I traveled by myself across the country with Eukiah for the first time before he was 3-months-old. Within the first 6-months, the two of us had traveled across the country 8 times. Anyone will tell you that traveling solo with a baby is HARD and having the right stroller can make things much easier, or much more cumbersome.

The first stroller I had was bulky, HEAVY, difficult to break down at security check and the gate, the basket was too small, and it didn’t navigate well. UGH. As soon as I tried the VISTA it was like driving the smoothest car you’ve ever been in. It is light, effortlessly maneuvers, the handlebars come up to my extra height, it adjusts EASILY to multiple positions and it breaks down in a snap. Everything about it is intuitive. *Travel Tip: Get the UPPAbaby TravelSafe Travel Bag. Any potential damage incurred during air travel is covered!


And I would be remiss if I didn’t admit that the SPENSER VISTA turns heads. The leather accents are just gorgeous and the fabric patterns are more unique than other luxury strollers. When I attend events with my fellow Fashion Mams, almost all of them are using an UPPAbaby. As boss mamas in the fashion and entertainment industry, we are making a statement - we don’t have to give up our careers or resign our sense of style just because we are also Moms. In fact, being a Mom is what gives us super strength to excel FOR our children. I chose the SPENSER pattern because it matches my professional-but-still-edgy vibe with a pop of color. Plus Eukiah looks pretty fab in his new ride. “Oh so you fancy, huh?” Yes, yes we are.


Seeing the prevalence of the UPPAbaby around town and talking to other Moms is advertisement in of itself. Especially for Moms with multiples or planning to have multiples, the VISTA is the jam. The bassinet and full-size forward or parent-facing Toddler Seat is literally switchable with one hand and I LOVE the multi-position recline. In fact, I’m a little jealous. The design is also direct attachment which means NO adapters (YAASSSS)! Other Mom friendly features include the pop out UPF 50+ sunshade (critical in California sunshine), the peek-a-boo ventilation flap in the back, and Eukiah’s favorite: telescoping handlebar. This is the stroller you grow with so even if it is initially out of your price range, this is the one thing you will want to splurge on because it is a great long-term investment. I am so happy I upgraded and I wish we had done it sooner - even my Mom fights me to push the stroller now because it’s just fun!

Invest in the UPPAbaby VISTA

We moms need quality equipment to keep our babies safe and comfy. We also deserve stylish equipment to keep us looking fab. Now that I’ve upgraded to the UPPAbaby VISTA, Eukiah and I are both traveling in style and ease.