Can I comb my hair after keratin treatment?

Yes, you can. But remember: Wait 72 hours after your treatment. Do it gently.

Why is my hair still frizzy after keratin treatment?

“After any Keratin Treatment, the Moisture vs. Protein balance in our hair will be “out-of-sync” due to the high protein concentration used during the procedure. This will cause hair to feel rough, coarse and brittle in the short or long term if nothing is done to counteract it.

How do I sleep after keratin treatment?

So your hair stays straight, lay flat on your back. After you’ve settled down, smoothen your hair so it falls flat below your head. Next, place your head on the pillow and make sure your hair is straight. For the first three days following a keratin treatment, you should try to sleep on your back.

When can I wash my hair after keratin treatment?

How soon can I wash my hair after keratin treatment? The minimum waiting time is 72 hours (3 days). However, premium keratin treatments can be washed on the same day if you’re willing to pay more for the convenience.

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Can you flat iron after keratin treatment?

If you want to tie your hair up, wait until the keratin has been on the hair for at least four days, and then use a soft hair tie for short periods of time. Flat iron your hair every day for the first four days after the treatment.

Can I apply oil on keratin treated hair?

Professional hairstylists use argan oil to mix with keratin treatments so that your hair can withstand damage from the chemical process and high heat during the treatment. Yes, argan oil has incredible benefits when it comes to healing damaged hair.

Can I put coconut oil on my keratin treated hair?

After one week you can use Virgin coconut oil on keratin treated hair. Virgin coconut oil binds to the hair and can reduce keratin loss during wash cycles. Olive oil is also completely safe to use on keratin treated hair, as it is natural.

What shampoo do I use after keratin treatment?

For lasting results, post-treatment shampoo should be free of sulfates (sudsing agents that can strip hair) or sodium (a thickener that dissolves keratin). Piet at Vartali Salon suggests Pureology ZeroSulfate SuperSmooth, L’Oreal EverPure Sulfate-Free Colorcare System, and Keratin Complex by Coppola Keratin Care.

Can we use curd on keratin treated hair?

yogurt and apply on the hair from root to tip. Leave on for one hour and wash off first with cold water, followed by a mild sulfate-free shampoo. This hair mask can be used once a week. These are some natural hair masks that almost match up to keratin treatment as they replenish protein in your hair and scalp.

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Which shampoo is best to use after keratin treatment?

The Best Shampoos To Use After A Keratin Treatment

  • Arvazallia Keratin Care Set. Check Price.
  • LuxeOrganix Sulfate-Free Shampoo. Check Price.
  • It’s A 10 Miracle Bundle. Check Price. …
  • Scrupples White Tea Shampoo Set. …
  • Inoar Pos Progress Shampoo. …
  • Arvazallia Keratin Care Set. …
  • LuxeOrganix Sulfate-Free Shampoo. …
  • It’s A 10 Miracle Bundle.

Can I comb my hair after smoothening?

3 Days After The Hair Smoothening Procedure:

Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner after three days. Leave the conditioner on for a few minutes longer than usual. Avoid hot water at all times as it will strip your tresses of moisture. Use a wide toothed hair comb to separate the strands.

Can keratin damage your hair?

Another possible side effect of keratin treatment is hair breakage. High temperatures from flat iron can dry out the hair and lead to hair breakage in the days to come. So opt for formaldehyde-free keratin treatments, like the ones containing glyoxylic acid [5] to be safe. But the latter may be less effective.

What can you not do after a keratin treatment?


  1. When you shower, use the absolute best shower cap. …
  2. If you work out and/or sweat, get to a dryer asap. …
  3. No swimming, not even with a swim cap.
  4. No saunas, baths, hot tubs, steam showers, skiing, skating.

Does keratin give hair volume?

These hair thickening fibers instantly attach to your scalp, creating an electrostatic bond with your existing hair and giving the appearance of hair volume and thickness.

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Does keratin reduce hair volume?

“Keratin does help, but on certain hair types. It reduces the volume slightly along with the percentage of the curl and the frizz but not a hundred percent,” opines Rod Anker. “While keratin gets washed out in the process, it can cause damage if not done with care.

Does keratin make hair flat?

“While the keratin treatment may straighten hair a little bit, it keeps more body in the hair than a straightening treatment.” Sprinkle agrees, adding that “Unlike straightening treatments (which can break protein bonds to reform hair structure into a permanently straight shape), the Keratin Complex treatments …

Is keratin a permanent?

Cons of keratin treatments

Keratin treatments are semi-permanent, meaning that after a few months, the results start to wash out. Your hair won’t return to its natural state, and you might not like the look of how new hair growth looks at the crown of your head.

Can I use dry shampoo after keratin?

Dry Shampoo Is A Must-Have For Keratin Treated Hair

If you’ve just had a keratin treatment, your number one product to buy right away is dry shampoo. It will help you navigate that first week of aftercare with ease, plus it’s super convenient to carry around to freshen up your hair.

Do I really need to wait 3 days to wash hair after keratin?

Most keratin treatments require that you wait three days before shampooing your hair and come with a laundry list of rules—no tucking your hair behind your ear, no pins, no braids, and especially no ponytails.