How do I clean my Braun Silk epil 3?

Is Braun Silk EPIL 3 waterproof?

If you want a barebones corded epilator then the Silk Epil 3 is a good starting point. While it is not perfect we feel it’s performance and features are in line with it’s price. But those of you who want fancier features like waterproof epilation and cordless usage will be better served by higher Silk Epil models.

How do you sanitize a Braun epilator?

To disinfect your epilator, dip a cotton ball in some rubbing alcohol and wipe it over the tweezers and all the surfaces of the attachments. This will kill off nasty bacteria that can cause folliculitis or skin irritation. If you don’t have rubbing alcohol, you can always use vodka!

Is Braun epilator washable?

Seven Reasons you’ll Enjoy Braun Silk-Epil

40% wider epilation head Covers more skin with each stroke for faster epilation. Wet & Dry Can be used in bath or shower for a gentler epilation. Massage rollers Stimulate your skin for an extra gentle epilation. Fully washable Can be cleaned underwater.

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How do I clean my epilator head?

How to Clean an Epilator Properly

  1. Cut the power. Before beginning any cleaning processes, turn off your epilator. …
  2. Take off the head. Pop the head off of the machine. …
  3. Brush away loose hairs. …
  4. Wash the pieces. …
  5. Disinfect the tweezers. …
  6. Dry the pieces. …
  7. Reassemble the pieces. …
  8. Repeat regularly.

Can I use Braun Silk-EPIL 3 in shower?

Braun Silk-épil Wet & Dry can be used in the bath or shower for additional comfort. The massaging rollers also help to minimize discomfort.

How do you clean the epilator on a Braun Silk Epil 5?

a Brush cleaning: Remove the cap and brush it out. Thoroughly clean the tweezers from the rear side of the epilator head with the brush dipped into alcohol. While doing so, turn the tweezer element manually. This cleaning method ensures best hygienic conditions for the epilation head.

What should you do after epilating?

Moisturize your skin after using an epilator to reduce irritation. Don’t forget to clean your epilator after each use to reduce the risk of a skin infection. Remove any lingering hair, and use alcohol to clean the device.

How do you lubricate an epilator?

Hold the Shaver Guard can 10cm away & spray directly onto the foils & blades for 3 seconds. 4. Turn on the electric shaver, trimmer or clippers & run the appliance for 3 seconds to allow the lubrication to take effect. TIP: If applying before use, allow the shaver/trimmer to rest for 10 seconds.

Is the Braun Silk Epil 3 cordless?

Wet & dry: Can be used in bath or shower for a gentler epilation. Massage rollers: Stimulate your skin for an extra-gentle epilation. Fully washable: Can be cleaned under water. Cordless usage—fast recharge.

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Can you use the Braun Silk EPIL 9 in the shower?

Use the Silk-épil 9 epilator in the bath or under the shower for extra comfort. The warmth of the water releases endorphins – the body’s natural pain reliever. It reduces any slight discomfort and skin irritation. When used regularly, epilation is virtually painless.

Can you use shaving gel with an epilator?

I finally figured how to epilate wet and it works pretty well. You don’t want to stand under running shower water but either want to epilate in a soaking bath or with a foaming shaving cream that suspends the hair so that the epilator can pick the hair up.

How do I clean my Braun Silk expert?

How to clean the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5. The instruction manual states that you “should inspect the skin tone sensors and treatment window for damage and wipe them down with a dry, lint free cloth. If any marks or black spots are seen, clean them off straight away.

Do epilators break hairs?

With epilation when it comes to speed: Slower hurts more and takes longer but you will catch more hair and break less. The faster setting hurts less and goes quicker but it may end up breaking the hair especially if you have finer hair.

Why has my epilator stopped working?

It may be that something is stuck in the head of your epilator, which causes it to stop working. Check the epilator head and clean it properly. The overload protection can also be activated if you press your epilator too hard against your skin. Be gentle and just glide it over your body.

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