You asked: What should I put on my face after epilating?

After rinsing off your skin, apply a non-comedogenic moisturizer. This can soothe newly epilated skin and keep dry skin from clogging your pores and hair follicles. Moisturize twice a day to ease any redness or inflammation from epilation.

How do I soothe my face after epilating?

I find using 100% aloe vera out of the fridge really helps calm the skin after. If you get histamine bumps on the skin, you can use Calamine and Benadryl, to help your skin heal but usually these go away on their own. If you develop a mild infection, Neosporin, witch hazel, or tea treat oil can help treat it.

Can you use aloe vera gel after epilating?

Aloe vera gel is a good one. Skin can appear irritated with little red bumps right after epilation, so avoid doing it on the day of a big event, and stay out of the sun until irritation subsides.

How do you calm irritated skin after epilating?

Exfoliation will be one of your best friends when it comes to epilation. The process not only helps to rid your body of dead skin and bacteria, keeping it radiant and soft, but it will also reduce the number of ingrown hairs too. You can use either exfoliation gloves, an exfoliating scrub or both at the same time.

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Why do I get pimples after epilating?

The pimples are caused when bacteria enter the empty hair follicle and cause an infection. After epilation, stay away from infection-causing activities like swimming, steaming in the sauna or even excessive sweating.

How do I prevent pimples after epilating?

Take a shower before you epilate, cleaning the area with an acne wash or something like Hibiclens. Then apply an antispetic like 100% tea tree oil or 100% witch hazel with a cotton ball to kill bacteria on the skin. Also clean the epilator head by brushing it with rubbing alcohol. Go ahead and epilate.

Can you epilate your face?

Epilators can be used on hair from different areas of your body, including arms, legs, pubic area, and even your face.

Can I use coconut oil after sugaring?

Apply a fragrance free moisturizer made for sensitive skin. You can also use plain coconut or olive oil. You can also crush up some Aspirin and apply it directly to the skin. After 3 days you can gently exfoliate the area to minimize ingrown hairs.

What cream should I use after epilating?

Apply a soothing gel

Applying greasy lotions and moisturizers after epilating can clog the hair follicles and increase the risk of ingrown hairs. Opt for a gel with aloe vera or tea tree oil to soothe the skin.

Why is my skin not smooth after epilating?

Will I be smooth after epilating? While it is possible, your legs will probably not be smooth when you first epilate. It really depends on your genetics, when you last shaved, and how you well you epilate. After the first couple of sessions, it’s common that that you may still feel a tiny bit of hair.

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When can I exfoliate after epilating?

As previously mentioned, exfoliation helps prevent ingrown hairs after epilating. So, if you can’t shower and exfoliate afterward, due to irritated skin, make sure that you exfoliated the previous day. If you are less prone to ingrown hairs, skipping exfoliating once in a while won’t have grave consequences.

Should you moisturise after epilating?

The golden rule is moisturise AFTER epilating not before. Apply a nourishing body lotion for the best, skin smoothing results and get set to wake up the following morning with super-soft, silky skin.

How should I prepare my skin before epilating?

The secret to effective epilation is exfoliating the skin two days before, which facilitates hair extraction. Choose between an exfoliating glove, an exfoliating cream or even an exfoliating brush… Prepare your skin for epilation by reducing ingrown hairs and removing dead cells.