Your question: How do I get my magnetic eyelashes to stay on?

Can I use eyelash glue on magnetic eyelashes?

Can I wear them with glue? Definitely not – if you apply Lola’s Lashes using glue you could damage the magnets and also, you shouldn’t need to use glue to keep them in place. Our magnetic eyeliner and lashes are wind proof up to 75mph, as well as being waterproof. Say goodbye to glue once and for all!

What makes magnetic lashes stick?

How Magnetic Eyelashes Work. Once only adhered to your natural lash with adhesive glue, magnetic eyelashes secure to each other, and your lash line, with tiny magnets. The latest brand to launch this type of technology is celebrated falsies brand, Ardell.

How long will magnetic lashes stay on?

The lash and eyeliner hold up to 10 hours (essentially, the entire day). That means that if you wear the lashes daily, it’s totally usable for over a month. Treat them with utmost care, and they are bound to serve you longer.

Do you put magnetic lashes on before or after mascara?

Always apply a layer of mascara to your natural lashes before applying magnetic lashes, as the lashes will hold better. Whereas if you apply them directly to your natural lashes, they have a much softer surface which may cause the lashes to slide.

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Do magnetic lashes stay on in water?

Because the lashes are held on with magnets, this means that they are unaffected by water. They will remain attached even if they get a little wet. This doesn’t mean you can go swimming in them though. If they get thoroughly waterlogged, the weight will pull the lashes out of position.

What are the pros and cons of magnetic eyelashes?

Pros and Cons of Magnetic Lash Extensions

  • They do not require glue to apply and will, therefore, not be messy at the lashes that one has to apply glue.
  • They are less expensive than the famous lash extension brands.
  • They can be used more than once.

Can you sleep with magnetic eyeliner on?

No, you shouldn’t sleep with your MoxieLash magnetic lash style still on. We highly recommend that you remove your lashes before getting your beauty sleep whether that’s a quick nap or your 8 hours. Keeping your magnetic lash styles on while you snooze could damage them permanently.

Can you use regular eyeliner under magnetic eyeliner?

You can also use whatever eyeliner you like then use our Magnetic Eyeliner over it, if that’s easier for you. We know most people have a liner they already like and are comfortable with. They can be used together.

Do you put eyeshadow on before magnetic eyelashes?

Put all your other makeup on first before applying your magnetic false eyelashes. Otherwise, the lashes could smudge your other makeup during the application process. Apply mascara to the inside corners of your natural lashes. Magnetic false lashes only cover the outer corners of your eyes.

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