Little Balance Box


Eukiah is STANDING, climbing and almost ready to walk! Holy wow - that happened a lot faster than I was expecting! He’s only just barely 8-months-old. Since I wasn’t quite ready for him to be upright, I didn’t realize he would be trying to pull himself up on anything and everything: chairs, ottomans, tables - ME, lol. I love our Little Balance Box because it’s a safe height and more effective way to help him transition to walking. He can maneuver table at his own speed and also use to to bang his toys at the same time (something he does on everything).


The Little Balance Box is great for helping babes transition naturally from sitting, to standing, to pushing and eventually walking. And once they are pros, it turns into a perfectly sized activity table! My favorite part: it was created by a tried and true Mom. And the Little Balance Box is a Gold Award winner from Mom’s Choice Awards!

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